Our Company

We are a family owned and operated agency.

Our Story

Our agency dates back to 1985 when Mike Rindom opened his first insurance office in Kansas City with Farmers Insurance Group. While with Farmers Insurance we won numerous awards for our quality of operations. Farmers was a great place to learn the insurance business but Mike always felt our service was incomplete without the ability to offer our customers multiple choices like an Independent Agent could.

In 2004 Mike and his wife, Amy, became empty-nesters; which happened to coincide with a brutal Midwest winter. One morning after a little ice storm, Mike pushed the garage door opener and the arm ripped right out of the door, the door was frozen to the ground. That night Mike presented Amy with a plan of moving to South Florida and opening an Independent Agency. Amy was all in, on one condition, their daughter, Megan Wiglesworth, son-in-law, me, their two grandkids and their son, Mark Rindom would all have to agree to join us. Done! Not too difficult convincing a couple of 23-year-olds, fresh out of college to head to Florida.

In 2004 we sold the agency and moved to South Florida & started the Wiglesworth-Rindom Insurance Agency. Where we make it our mission to make the insurance buying process easy and educational for everyone.

Our Team