Martin Del Villar


Husband, Football Fan or is it Soccer Fan and Insurance Agent

Martin (Mar-teen) moved to Florida from the spicy land known as Chile in 1996 and gained his full United States Citizenship in September 2019. Martin has spent his entire life in the food service industry and said he’s never going back. Martin’s life is constantly revolving around family, friends and building new friendships. Martin is a die-hard fan of the Green Bay Packers, and is extremely loyal to his sports teams, yet is quite sensitive to debates that the Super Bowl is better than the World Cup. Martin and his wife Holly have been together for 10 years and live in Stuart their two daughters and their Bulldog, Meatball. The two welcomed their first daughter, Harper Lee Del Villar in 3/6/16 and their second daughter, Autumn Elsa Del Villar in 6/14/2019.

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