Ashley Fetterly


Wife, Mom, Beach Lover, Dog Lover and Account Manager

Ashley is a Georgia native.  She grew up in Metro Atlanta in Kennesaw/Marietta area playing on the Varsity Basketball, Volleyball and Lacrosse teams.  She is a huge Georgia fan, while her wife, Miranda, is a Gators fan – leaving their son, Shannon, in the middle – a house divided in college football.

Ashley and her family have an American Staffordshire Terrier, who is a sweetheart and a little prissy at times, while their newest member to the family is an English bulldog that eats everything in sight – both dogs are spoiled, even forgetting they are dogs at times. They are all lovers of the beach and water, including their two dogs.  You may even find Ashley and her son riding the waves, while Miranda watches from the safety of the beach, due to her fear of sharks.