Life Insurance


Life Insurance: 

  • Life insurance provides peace of mind to the insured that their surviving loved one’s will be taken care of financially after the insured’s passing.
  • Life insurance agents are instrumental in determining needs and establishing the type of life insurance needed to meet those needs.
  • It is important to analyze one’s financial situation and determine the standard of living needed for one’s surviving dependents before purchasing a life insurance policy.


We don’t work for an insurance company; we work for you. As an independent agency,
we offer a wide variety of insurance products to South Florida & the Treasure Coast from a
diverse group of insurance carriers. This variety lets us find the best
match for your insurance needs.


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  • Quick, efficient, and professional service from Kyle.

    Lance Cooper

  • All good.

    Robert Ingham

  • We worked with Jillian, who is not your typical insurance person. She went the extra mile to make sure we had the right amount of coverage, with a solid reputable company, at the best rates. She was very helpful, offering options to protect us in areas where we didn’t realize we lacked coverage. We highly recommend Jillian and Wiglesworth-Rindom!

    Michael Zerner

Why Use Wiglesworth-Rindom

Our licensed and experienced Florida agents can help you determine what coverage is best for you and your family. We work with only the best, most reputable insurance companies doing business in Florida. Whether you need to discuss long-term care, annuities, or if you don’t have any existing policy at all.

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