Homeowners Insurance


Homeowners Insurance:

  • Pays for losses and damage to your property if something unexpected happens. (CFPB)
  • A homeowners policy covers the home’s structure, your belongings, and your personal liability.
  • Hurricane & All Other Peril (AOP) deductible can vary by carrier.
  • Homeowners can be bundled with auto insurance, as well as umbrella. 


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  • Upon discovering the huge rate increases in auto and property insurance we would be hit with moving to Fla., a family member recommended we call Wiglesworth-Rindom. I was immediately impressed by their knowledge of the local laws and situations affecting insurance. They were resourceful, timely, and trustworthy and we walked away with an excellent home policy. We ended up keeping our former auto policy despite the rate hike, in part due to their affirmation. It took a lot of integrity not to ‘sell’ us another policy, but rather affirm some of the fine print in ours that made it worth keeping. Not only are they likeable, they kept our best interest at heart, and are excellent at what they do.

    Juliette Glasow

  • Complete excellence through the whole process of obtaining an insurance policy of any kind. Extremely personable with great care for me as a client. Highly recommend.

    Travis O’Neal

  • We have had a great experience switching to Wiglesworth-Rindom. They are attentive to our specific needs and available anytime we have a question or need. They provide very competitive rates with excellent overall service and professionalism, with a warm, neighborly feel.

    Nathan Ashcraft


How we’re different

Our licensed and experienced Florida insurance agents will help you determine what homeowners insurance policy is best for you. We get you the most competitive price by looking for all available discounts. We work with well-known and reputable insurance companies, including Federated National, Frontline, Olympus, Tower Hill, and others.

First, we establish a client’s rate factors, as well as binding and eligibility. To get the most accurate quote, we need up-to-date information about the applicant (you!) and the home or structure you want to insure. For convenience, we recommend you have the most recent Wind Mitigation Inspection Report handy. Be ready to answer questions like “do you work out of your home?” or “what other structures are on the property?”

Next, the agent will explain coverage options, endorsements, and discounts available for property policies. After establishing your coverage needs and reviewing the best options, you can decide if we’re right for you. Lastly, If you choose to purchase a policy, the agent will then set up billing and issue your policy.

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